Monday, October 4, 2021

Letting Go

 I’m entering that time and space of

letting go,

my chronological timepiece

witness to

time’s relentless forward motion.


Letting go

the affectations that

erect a facsimile

of existence and the

ephemeral nature of experience.


Letting go

of all the ego’s darlings,

edifices built upon

shifting sand and the

irrascible winds of change.


Letting go

affiliations built upon

intricate mythologies

constructed to obscure

the unavoidable finality

of human existence.


Letting go

for death stalks with

painstaking persistence

regardless of the

elaborate scafolding of

comfortable delusion.


Letting go

all the countless


righteous indignations,

tilting at windmills,

while the natural world exposes

to blinded vision

true nature of reality

far more comprehensive than

human mind’s tentative grasp of

the present moment.


Letting go

all the artful dodging,

all the pretense,

all the absurd vanities,

all the comforting illusions

that contort the

wondrous gift of comprehension.


It is time for this

letting go

to prepare myself

when it is my turn

to join the joy molecular,


with grace, integrity, love and clarity.

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