Poetry, Stories and Essays - Audio Versions

The following are links to audio recordings of original works.

Daysdreams and Other Lapses

The Mystery of Words

Notes from a Non-Believer

The Confession

Home Again

Through Proud Eyes Darkly

Silent Victims of a Winning War

Poems of Peace and Anti-War

A Poetry Compendium - Peripheral Vision

The Argument that can Never be Won

Journey to a World Desperately Out of Balance

The Hazards of Recollection

The Many Salvations of Rodney Pilchuck

End of the Nerds

How the World Does Dance Part I

How the World Does Dance Part II

In the Foggy Discontinuum of Time Part I
A Prose Poem 


Possessed Part I

Ode to Existence, Love, Love, Truth and Time

Why Death?

What Exactly Makes Us Human?

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