Monday, May 25, 2015

Gandhi - You are Sorely Missed

GANDHI you are surely missed

You chose peace over the darkness,
you offered up some hope to a world
lost within its bloody escapades
and endless cycles of retribution.

You chose simplicity and
unraveled your opponents by the
strength of your will and the
sheer power of numbers.

You chose a path where
compassion reigns and
love is the insurmountable
lever of change.

The human world was not ready then
to follow your guiding steps
to a better place,
it is not ready now
so inured are we to the
alluring potency of the sword that
brings us nothing but grief.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Norway Pass

Norway Pass

                                               Wind playfully tormented the rainfly on our tent,
hard ground rejected our affections and
sleep was left to entice but not to satisfy.

In the morning, the sky opened up,
Mount St. Helens revealed itself
to our startled  vision,
inexplicable force now resting,
inferno of fire and ash,
desert maker,
usurper of once mighty forests,
the fiery breath of god.

Many years between then and now,
we succumbed to the enormity and power,
we were enticed by the depth of the silence,
thankful of our brief yet wondrous witness
to the majesty of the planet.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015



Driftwood told us many stories
of storms and riotous oceans
and bottomless pit of winter nights
when the wind mourned loneliness and
stars themselves shrunk from the tempest.

Stones ground to a smooth polish
from water's relentless perfection
displayed their wondrous colors,
surely the creations of celestial dreamers
in their god-like sleep.

Seals broke through the water's surface,
their shimmering sleek heads danced and
spoke of the playfulness of nature
with marvelous tales of undersea kingdoms
where porpoises ruled and
children found solace from nightmares.

At the end of this finger of rock
the white spire of a lighthouse
maintained its vigil and remembered
icy and thunderous shipwrecks
along the Dungeness.