Monday, February 21, 2011


Driftwood told us many stories
of storms and riotous oceans
and bottomless pit of winter nights
when the wind mourned loneliness and
stars themselves shrunk from the tempest.

Stones ground to a smooth polish
from water's relentless perfection
displayed their wondrous colors,
surely the creations of celestial dreamers
in their god-like sleep.

Seals broke through the water's surface,
their shimmering sleek heads danced and,
spoke of the playfulness of nature
with marvelous tales of undersea kingdoms
where porpoises ruled and
children found solace from nightmares.

At the end of this finger of rock
the white spire of a lighthouse
maintained its vigil and remembered
icy and thunderous shipwrecks
along the Dungeness.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ode to Costa Rica

Sun, ever present,
life fills every aspect of the landscape,
completes every sentence in the
sweet vocabulary of nature.

Resplendent palms,
multitudes of trees that
nurture grand varieties of
greenery whether by design or
the circumstance of the sheer
power of the living.

Unrelenting paradise for
those who truly embrace nature,
vast laboratory for the
persistent diversity of the
bounty of planet earth.

Birds that bind all the
colors that sunlight can yield
within their feathery garments.

Birds are everywhere,
they fill the rhapsody of morning
with song,
tucanettes and scarlet macaws,
the elusive quetzal wearing
a kaleidoscope of colors
that puts the painter’s pallete to shame.

Surrounded by two oceans,
we dance in the warm surf
under tropical skies,
beneath the inebriating and
erotic call of the tropics,
propelled into each other’s arms
enkindling our gypsy hearts with the
alluring rhythms of the sea.

The persuasive call of howler monkeys
like wind that echoes through the trees
above  the relentless sound of
driving waves pummeling the shoreline.

Costa Rica,
land of visual and sensual delights that
tells such a vivid story
regarding this glorious earth and
its sublime potential.