I am a resident of Seattle, Washington.  I was raised in the Bronx, New York, during the post-World War II era.  During my upbringing, I was exposed to an exceedingly diverse environment that had a profound effect on my view of the world and humanity.  I have published books of fiction, poetry and non-fiction.  My work has also appeared in literary magazines, anthologies and on the Internet.  

Writing has always been an integral part of my creative life and telling stories the avenue through which I examine the dimensions of the human spirit. If there is an underlying theme in my work, it is to explore the many facets of the human experience. 

To date, my published works include the following:

  • Awakening from a Distant Dream - Novel
  • At the Fringes of Experience - Collection of Novellas
  • America and the Mythology of Greatness – Non-Fiction
  • Impaled on Time’s Illustrious Arrow - Poetry
  • The Surprising Latitude of Fate - Novel
  • The Illusive Quality of Existence – Poetry
  • A Particular Passing Through Time – Novel
  • The Human Equation - Collection of Short Stories
  • Voices for Peace and Social Justice – Non-Fiction
  • The Life and Times of Jeremy Sykes – Novel
  • Daydreams and Other Lapses – Poetry
  • The Human Equation Volume 2 – Collection of Short Stories & Essays
  • Voices for Peace and Social Justice Volume 2 – Non-Fiction
  • Voices for Peace and Social Justice Volume 3 – Non-Fiction
  • Ode to Existence, Love, Truth and Time - Poetry
  • Questions of Meaning - In Matters of Philosophy and Science - Non-Fiction
  • Caravan of Dreams - One Life's Journey 75 Years (1944 - 2019) - Autobiographical
  • Joe's Comments and Observations - Volume 1 [2005 - 2014] - Non-Fiction
Note: my current projects include a novel entitled, When Lives Converge and a continuation of my autobiograhy entitled, Thoughts and Reflections Concerning Life's Implausible Journey (2020 - ).

I have been enamored of words, their rhythms and meanings since I was a child.  In addition I am an artist working within a diverse range of media including oil, watercolor, craypas, pencil, pen and ink, block prints, photography and sculpture especially polymer clay.  

In regard to the source(s) of this creativity; this is a complex issue.  I believe that part of this proclivity has a genetic origin.  My father was a fine artist, and my daughter also has talent in these disciplines.  I cannot overemphasize the role that imagination and curiosity play in this as well.

In addition, another passion in my life has been that of science.  I am a Biochemist and Molecular Biologist (retired), and was involved in original research in Cellular Immunology at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (FHCRC) in Seattle for many years.  As a result of this work, I authored numerous articles that have appeared in peer-reviewed journals and presented findings at both national and international meetings.  Although it may seem that astrong affinity to science is in conflict with the arts, in my thinking, the underlying drive in both the arts and science originates in the imagination and curiosity.


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