Thursday, October 26, 2017


Some are parasites
who prowl the earth
seeking the living
to feed upon,
who wish to devour
whatever is in their path,
deadened space
within their rapacious wake.

Born of mother
yet conceived in darkness,
bereft of humility,
devoid of compassion,
convinced that no one exists
outside the boundaries of self.

Gliding along a meticulous web
fashioned from a reservoir of
slimy self-interest
that they exude in abundance,
victims trapped within a
fortress of deceit,                                                                                 
consumed by vanity.

Parasites crave indulgence
feast upon lives made hollow
by their own carless indifference.

Parasites are the living dead,
where love is a delightful fragrance
to be purchased and constrained
within the boundaries of acquisition,
where integrity and generosity of spirit
become the enemies of profit.

Some are parasites
who wreck havoc
upon the living world,
consigning themselves to
lonely and miserable deaths.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


wellspring of my emotions
indelible imprint upon the
architecture of my
most intimate feelings.

Softness of her obliging spirit,
                        caressing warmth of her embrace
as she nurtured my infant heart,
as she enshrouded me with love,
as she planted the soul of desire
into my new born heart.

mirror to hidden parts of me
reflecting back and
shaping the degree of my affection.

teaching me
through the softness of a touch,
a simple caress,
a smile powerful enough to smooth
the most hardened surface,
a look that can pry open the
gateway to the soul.

propelling me into the
wondrous realm of surrender
to passion’s fleeting and eternal magic.

bringing me full-circle
back to mother,
bearer of life and
originator of the future.