Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Song of the Future

The howl of ignorance,

the call of stupidity

thunders through the halls of government,

the crude and inexorable advancement

of the lie in public spaces,

supplanting intelligence

making a mockery of science

disbanding the common good

condemning compassion and

sentencing the future to an

abyss of misfortune and

needless suffering

on the thunderous wings of

violence and greed.

Is this the song of the future?

Where truth is perpetually

put on trial

and peace is sacrificed on an

altar fashioned from the

bones of the innocent

lost to the lunacy of war and

ruthless ambition.

Is this the song of the future?

Where what lies ahead is

treacherous terrain

filled with foreboding and grief,

where children are taught

to honor what is destructive and hateful,

where the intellect suffers

from a profound lack of nutrition.

Is this the song of the future?