Saturday, March 2, 2019

Bird Song

They capture in their
fleeting presence
a momentary glimpse
of nature’s resilience.

Magnificent eagle effortlessly
riding the air in a pageantry of remarkable grace,
engineering its nest
in liberating spring air.

Evening cry of the owl
perched on a crimson-hued tree
in the light of the waning sun
preparing for the hunt.

Ever-attentive robin
perusing its kingdom
for worm sign.

Sandpipers scurry across the water’s edge in
perpetual motion
forever vigilant and
prepared to take to the air at
any sign of danger.

Brown pelicans
glide across the water’s surface
without any apparent effort
skilled and impeccable fishermen.

In the heart of the forest, bird song
permeates the air
within the timeline of generations
on this most remarkable planet.

Cooper’s hawk
magnificent creature
prepared to fly like the wind
to embrace his victim
within deadly talons

They ensnare a kaleidoscope of color
in their plumage and remind us of the
wonder of life in all its
variety and splendor.

They capture in their
fleeting presence
a momentary glimpse
of nature’s resilience.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Ode to a National Pastime

Young men
tribute to ancient gladiators
fitted with helmets and awesome shoulder pads,
formidable apparitions
built like anvils
torsos hewn from ferocious action,
superb exemplars of manly flesh.

Young men
on the escape route
from poverty’s gnawing
relentless and aching abyss,
adored and maligned by anxious spectators
primed for the adrenalin rush
blood sport of the games.

Young men
readied for combat
relentless drills
blind obeisance to
dictates of savage competition
to make team owners remarkably rich.

Young men
destined to a future
adorned with consequences
battered brains within
assaulted skulls and
thoroughly abused bodies,
such are the hallmarks of