Saturday, December 31, 2022

A Hopeful Dream

Truth no longer a whisperbut a flood of clarity,
guns and all weapons of
bad intention or ill feeling
reduced to their base metals
and fashioned into implements of healing,
all who are hungry
are fed,
all who are afraid
are reassured,
all who are pariahs
brought into the human fold,
all who are filled with the bile of hatred
cajoled with sweetness and caring,
all who suffer needlessly
from their own lack of faith in themselves
see the blazing light of true wisdom,
all who have hearts weighted by greed
free themselves from the onerous weight of possessions,
all who love ignorance
witness the rapture and wonder of learning,
all who usurp themselves and others with power,
come to recognize their own impotence,
all who are crippled and torn apart by disease
see their true worth,
artists and lovers of knowledge and thought
are finally appreciated,
all without homes
find shelter in the heart of humanity,
all who are fractured
made whole,
all who are obsessed by race or creed
are freed of their limitations,
all limited and pernicious ideas
fall to oblivion from their own weight,
all who are demagogues
find a life of true service,
all ideas born of avarice and rooted in war
are finally dead,
all embrace all
as members of the human family.

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Pathetic Emperors of Greed


At this moment in time (the winter of 2022) as the year nears its end, certain individuals of the male persuasion - supposedly worth billions of dollars - are regularly depicted in the news. These individuals are particularly vociferous and manage to project their personalities into the public consciousness with a stunning regularity. This has inspired me to create the following piece entitled,

Pathetic Emperors of Greed

Within the formidable shadow of

accumulated wealth

these two bit emperors

surrounded by their phalanx of

bodyguards and

sycophants ever ready with

meaningless phrases and shallow praise,

inject their toxic venom into the

public space to perpetually remind us all

of the rarified space they occupy.

From shallow mind to

slimy tongue

they elaborate lies

implausible fictions

deleterious conclusions

based upon nothing of substance,

designed to foster hatred

upset balance

foster confusion

incite turmoil.

These preposterous idiots

enamored of themselves

forever admiring their

reflections in silver mirrors

their constant companions,

bathing in their own stupidity,

emersed in the chaos they engender,

murdering empathy

compassion and

the common good

with utmost precision,

suggesting violence,

inciting hatred in

confused minds.

These pathetic emperors

of their shallow kingdoms,

embrace an image of themselves

within their tortured and

infantile minds,

without real substance

frantically attempting to

smother their desperate aloneness,

and the perpetual fear of their

monumental inadequacies.

These pathetic emperors of greed

steeped in the fallacy of their

exaggerated importance

carry the insatiable urge

to constantly remind us all of their

inspired presence,

like hapless juveniles they

insinuate themselves into the public space.

Like all the petty tyrants that

preceded them

they demand unequivocal attention

threaten the peace and

should be thoroughly and completely ignored.