Friday, July 15, 2022

Beauty and its Manifestations


Modern humans who are living in the world where reality itself has been manipulated and distorted by the imposition of an artificial and contrived environment have become disconnected from the intrinsic beauty of existence. This disconnect I believe is the source of much of the upheaval and apparent violent and destructive behavior of so many individuals.

There seems to be an unravelling of the social order. Turmoil, confusion and fear seems to have taken residence within the fabric of a society that has placed far too much emphasis on the individual at the expense of the common good. The dissonant nature of this kind of existence stripped of meaning has placed humanity on a collision course with a dystopic future.

Beauty can be found everywhere. It is everywhere apparent once the veil of the make-believe has been shattered. It is resident in every moment –

In the dance of sunlight in the morning sky,

in the infinite textures of light and shadow

that expose the diversity of the natural world,

within the myriad of expressions of the human face and

the wondrous wealth of life that permeates

this most incredible planet.

Beauty is resident within

every breath,

with the way the oceans greet the shoreline,

within the timber and rhythm of conversation,

the wondrous flight of birds,

the sheer power of storms,

the incessant pull of the moon and the

power of night,

Beauty encircles the day with

outstretched arms,

embraces the fiery displays

of sunset and starlight in

the dome of the evening sky.

Beauty reflects the symmetry

of the simplest flower,

swirling movement of rushing rivers

power of wind,

tempestuous seas,

belligerent volcanoes,

the many manifestations

of an active planet.

Beauty inspires the artist

to approach the awaiting easel,

visits the adventurer

through fantastic dreams,

sharpens the senses of

poets and musicians,

makes the world


Without beauty’s evident presence,

we are all lost

within a shallow and barren


Beauty is connection,

beauty is love,

beauty is the eternal hope

for sanity and grace

in a tormented human world.