Monday, August 15, 2016

The Dance

Thrust into full light
expelled from the ancient deep
from the fluid sea
into the vaulting air,
incessant gravity
cacophony of sounds
all foreign
dispatched from the comfort of
maternal rhythms.

Dance so begun
under open skies,
frigid and balmy,
vagaries of storm and wind
marooned forever on the ancient planet.

Dance of morning
dance of night
of sunlight,
of moonscapes,
of dreams.

Into the shimmering vortex

Impaled on time’s
illustrious arrow,
dancers convene
within the matrix of the
theatre of the living.

Dancing to the music of the present
within the shadows caste from
past remembrances
into whatever future awaits.

The dance ephemeral
the time brief,
yet the circle of the dance
embraces all.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Welcome Augustus

Welcome Augustus

Welcome Augustus to
planet earth and
the human theater
may you have a grand adventure,
may you grow up within
your parents’ and sister’s loving hands,
may your life unfold
with grace and adventure
and a boundless thirst for living,
may you see the beauty that surrounds you
and discover the wondrous nature of being.

Welcome Augustus to this exotic adventure
called life.