Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My Aunt

Born Yolanda
daughter of immigrants from
Italy’s eastern shore
uncomplicated village life
bound for Ellis Island and the
crazed energy that is New York.

Thrust into the tireless mayhem
chaotic pace that is the hallmark of
this fabulous city
new language
inexplicable customs
different values
driven to succeed and survive
determined to thrive.

Born in 1922
after one great war
just years from the Great Depression
that will mold and shape a generation.

My Aunt
raised with four brothers
Matteo, Attilio, Antonio and Victor
daughter to Michele and Teresina
experiencing the wonder of living
navigating through such waters
finding her own way
during such challenging
yet interesting times.

Embraced her children
with love only a mother can bestow,
lavished affection upon her grandchildren,
great grandchildren
having lived long enough to witness their arrival.

My Aunt
vigorous of mind and spirit
full of heart and love
to the very end of her 93 years,
determined to live fully and completely
as independently as her aging body would allow
died within the sweet embrace of her family
leaving a wondrous legacy
sweet memories embedded in the very heart
of those she left behind.

My Aunt
author of your own existence
full of life and love
dear to those who knew you

you will be missed.