Thursday, August 2, 2012

It’s Stories We Crave

It's stories we crave,

we thirst after them

and wish to impale them

upon the ends of our

barbed and perilous curiosities.


It's the story and it's telling

that reminds us that we are,

it's the story in it's listening

that affirms we are members

of a greater whole

with it's language,

its babblings,

it's eccentricities.


It's the story that

binds us to the memories

of a collective past,

that recalls our humanity,

that trumpets possibilities,

that predicts our fate.


It's stories we crave,

they give us place

within the gyrations of

a chaotic universe,

they offer sanctuary

from the fear and

uncertainty of living.


It's stories that

catalog our fears,

give them all names,

names that we can call upon

to subdue their reckless tendencies.


It's stories that

give dimension to dreams,

hopes and aspirations.


It's stories we crave,

we long to be reminded,

that we are not alone.