Sunday, March 18, 2018

Welcome to a Society with its Collective Head up its Woeful Ass

So profoundly racist
that chose a leader
unabashedly a pathological liar,
profoundly troubled narcissist,
adherent to the distorted vision of
white supremacy,
known abuser of women.

So profoundly stupid as
to think self-proclaimed right to
more important than
health and safety of
its own children.

Regards anyone
exhibiting reasoned compassion
to be immediately
held suspect.

scientists contemptible
science as
inherently evil.

Prefers the big lie
over truth,
proclaims racism is dead
while black men fill the prisons,
democracy is alive
while wealth flows unimpeded
from the many to the few,
climate change is a hoax
in the midst of staggering data that
tells a completely different story.

Welcome to a society
with its collective head
up its woeful ass,
prepared to sacrifice the
future well-being of the species for a
fabulous yet delusional dream.

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