Tuesday, October 24, 2017


wellspring of my emotions
indelible imprint upon the
architecture of my
most intimate feelings.

Softness of her obliging spirit,
                        caressing warmth of her embrace
as she nurtured my infant heart,
as she enshrouded me with love,
as she planted the soul of desire
into my new born heart.

mirror to hidden parts of me
reflecting back and
shaping the degree of my affection.

teaching me
through the softness of a touch,
a simple caress,
a smile powerful enough to smooth
the most hardened surface,
a look that can pry open the
gateway to the soul.

propelling me into the
wondrous realm of surrender
to passion’s fleeting and eternal magic.

bringing me full-circle
back to mother,
bearer of life and
originator of the future.

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