Thursday, September 8, 2016

To Our Magnificent Planet

To Our Magnificent Planet

I lift up this glass of seasoned wine
in homage
to this magnificent orb
on whose fragile surface we complete
our momentary lives.

I inhale this air
though tainted with
humanity’s disastrous discharge.

I sing this song in tribute
to your grand indifference to
our fate as
we plunge into a future
woven by our collective abuse.

Illustrious planet
third daughter within
the sun’s embrace
will endure our
reckless indulgence and
thrive beyond the reach of
human hands.

I offer up this salutation to all
earthly beings
to those who will perish
those who will persist
and those who will prosper
beyond the detritus of human endeavor.

To our magnificent home
may you remain as witness
to the distant cosmic future
though humans long extinct.

I lift up this drink
in homage,
may this bountiful earth
continue in its transits
through the icy firmament
until the sun turns off its
abiding light.

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