Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mt. Shuksan and Mt. Baker

Mt Shuksan & Mt Baker

Surrounded by giant sentinels
holding us in their good graces
immersed in the sun’s favor
at least on this day
within the inexplicable now.

Almost boundless
masses of rock
tell us many stories
of earth’s majesty and dominion
of an ancient past
when the crust
upon which we move
through our feeble generations
folded upon itself
giving birth to mountains
in one massive heave.

Where molten rock
heated from the very core
of this planet
upon which we lurch and spin our tales
found passage to the surface
giving rise to volcanoes
whose intermittent bursts
laid waste to whatever
lived within their shadows.

We are here on a day
remarkably placid and benign
given the origins of
all this splendor.

For that we are
endlessly grateful.

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