Monday, October 31, 2011

Early Morning on Thasos

Earth thrusts upwards to

ensnare the sky

newly enshrined by

sun's sweet and enabling kiss.


Along the hillside

engulfed in bedrock

white, red-roofed houses

shine softly in the grip

of eastern light.


From a distance

unmistakable chants of roosters

welcome the dawn with

characteristic erudition

chasing the foreboding

dreams of children out of

their sleepy heads


Synchronous sounds of a

multitude of bells

echo off the hillsides

as shepherds move their flocks

to neighboring fields

where no fences intrude.


An old man waits with

patient anticipation for the bread man

as he makes his rounds

along narrow winding village roads

hawking his fresh-baked goods.


Two uniformed girls

books in hand

step out of their houses

still laden with quiet

and walk the path to school.


Early morning on Thassos

mountainess isle in the north agean

enraptures us as willing hostages to

sun, azure skies and emerald water. 

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