Stories and Essays - Audio Versions

The following are links to audio recordings of original fiction and non-fiction.

What is the Nature of Real Power

What is the Nature of Real Power?

Caravan of Dreams Vol 1

Caravan of Dreams Vol 2

Caravan of Dreams Vol 2

Notes from a Non-Believer

The Confession

Home Again

Through Proud Eyes Darkly

Silent Victims of a Winning War

The Argument that can Never be Won

The Hazards of Recollection

The Many Salvations of Rodney Pilchuck

End of the Nerds


Why Death?

What Exactly Makes Us Human?

What is the Human Journey

Ode to Existence - Parts 1, 2, 3 & Complete

The Final Days of Harry Stegman

Draft Board No. 28

Notes on the Coronavirus Pandemic 2020

God's Husband

Collection of Short Stories

America and the Mythology of Greatness

                                                         Bradley, Stimpson and Marie

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